Post-Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win

Marketing during Covid and Post Covid changed drastically. The rules of marketing all seemed to be broken. Everything in marketing needed to be re-applied. Consumer purchase behavior and media consumption behavior were all different. It was up to marketers to find their new way.

Post-Covid Marketing Machine was written to help marketers take advantage of the new rules of marketing to survive and thrive in the Post-Covid marketing world.

Find out how marketers can build a Post-Covid Marketing Machine to become reliable and accountable partners in the C-Suite to generate superior sales and profits.

What People Are Saying

If you’re trying to figure out what the new normal is when it comes to marketing and business, then you should look no further than Guy Powell’s new book. In this fun and easy read, Guy provides a roadmap on how you can navigate through today’s choppy waters and come out on the other side with a successful, metrics-based marketing campaign. This book is like taking an in-depth university course except that you finish it in hours instead of months.” 

Jamie Turner, Author, Adjunct Instructor, Speaker, and Consultant

Marketing Machine is a valuable edition for marketers’ bookshelves! The book gives an excellent roadmap for measuring a marketing campaign’s success using proven strategies. The templates Powell’s book provides give readers a clear, proven method for raising their marketing ROI.

– Adam Golomb, President & CMO, Primanti Brothers

In this age of smaller budgets and tougher business environments understanding how to make each dollar work as hard as it can is key to marketing success. It can no longer just be the responsibility of data scientists, it has to be understood by every person in the marketing team and the organization. This book makes readers understand that without looking at your consumer, trends and data businesses cannot get a good ROI.

If you didn’t believe in data before COVID, you would be hard pressed to exist without data post COVID, this book brings that reality to life and makes the process easy to understand and a must read by anyone selling anything.

This book is an easy read with extremely valuable insights!

– Maria Sainz Ortiz, VP Insights & Market Intelligence, WestRock Company


About The Author

Guy Powell is a global thought leader in marketing strategy and ROI. He provides marketers with the strategies, tools, and tactics to continuously improve their marketing ROI and exceed their company’s sales and profit goals. He helps them build marketing machines to properly organize and collect their marketing data, connect marketing activities to sales, structure their operations for continuous improvement and make fact-based, strategic and tactical marketing decisions.

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